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Go get your ribbon box Go get your wounded heart Seeing spiders, I'm told they never lie. Go get your brother love Go get your losing head Seeing fire, I'm told it never burns. I want it all, I pull you back. I want it all. Cry baby, cry baby, cry. Soaking down your face. Cry baby, cry baby, and you can't understand how I could just kill a man.

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Come on, come on, come on, can you feel it? [
September 5th, 2010 @ 1:05am

Back away scenesters! I am not the real Audrey Kitching.
This is for a little game known as roleplay. I'll only be adding those involved in the game.
If you're a member of   feel free to add away. Comments are nice and leaving screen names in those comments is even better.
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